Transportation for SLO County

RTA Discount Bus Pass Policy

In order to purchase RTA and SCAT bus passes at a discounted rate, the customer is required to complete the appropriate form below and return it to the RTA Administrative office at:

179 Cross Street, San Luis Obsipo, CA 93401.

Always include a copy of all required documentation and a copy of a photo ID.

When form is submitted, your name will be added to our Discount Eligibility List. You will then be able to purchase passes at the discounted price at any of our Pass Sales Outlets.







Fill out this form if:

  1. You are 80 years of age or older (get a free VIP Pass)
  2. You are between 65 and 79 years of age (get the senior discount)
  3. You are applying for the disabled discount and have any of the following:
  • A Documented VA Claim Number (on a card or a letter on VA letterhead)

  • A valid DMV Placard or Registration Number

  • A Medicare card

  • A Social Security Administration SSI letter

  • An ADA Card

  • A Braille Institute Card

  • Another transit agency’s disability card

  • Proof of disability for the Department of Rehabilitation   



Fill out this form for the disabled discount only if you do not have any of the above forms of verification or if you require travelling with an attendant.

The top portion of this form should be filled out by the applicant.

The bottom half of this form should be filled out and signed by a Medical Practitioner.