Transportation for SLO County


Don’t have a car? Want to get out of the dorms and go shopping? In & Out? No problem! RTA will take you many fun places in Morro Bay, Santa Maria and Paso Robles for only $5.00. That’s cheaper than gas! Never mind worrying about parking… (RTA picks up and drops off at Cal Poly, right in front of Kennedy Library).


1) Pismo Beach Premius Outlets – Take the RTA Route 10, get off at the Prime Outlets stop in less than 30 minutes and start shopping! Find your way with Google Transit Trip Planner



2) Morro Bay – Find your way with Google Transit Trip Planner.

The Morro Bay Community Market

The Morro Bay Community Market has a variety of merchandise for sale and is a great way to get fresh produce or fish on the weekends. It is located on Main St. and Morro Bay Blvd. It takes place every Saturday from 3-6 pm, weather permitting. Take RTA Route 12A during the week or 12B on the weekends, towards Morro Bay. Get off at Harbor St. @ Piney Way entering Morro Bay Park. Walk to Main St. & Morro Bay Blvd. Total trip time approximately 42 minutes.

Downtown Morro Bay Shopping

Try Morro Bay’s downtown for some different shopping options.  From grocery stores to surf shops, you can be sure to find something you love. Same as above, and get off at Harbor St. @ Piney Way entering Morro Bay Park. Walk less than five minutes to downtown Morro Bay or the beautiful embarcadero.Total trip time approximately 41 minutes.

Beach Fun

Rent some kayaks or canoes for a fun time with friends out in the Morro Bay water, or just chill at the beach for a relaxing day away from studying.  You can do it all in Morro Bay.

Get off at Harbor St. @ Piney Way in Morro Bay Park and walk down Morro Bay Blvd, take a left on Main St.,  right on Marina St. and a left on Embarcadero. Total trip time approximately 46 minutes.

For more information regarding Morro Bay Activities, see and click on the Activities tab.

3) Avila Beach - take Route #10 and connect to the Avila Beach Trolley.

4) Oak Park Plaza (Arroyo Grande) - Take the RTA route 10 and get off at Pismo Prime Outlets to connect with SCAT route 21 (already included in the price of your day pass). Get off at Wal-Mart Shopping Center.  For the trip home get on the SCAT route 24 and get off at Premium Outlets to connect with RTA route 10.

·        Wal-Mart, Chili’s Restaurant, Festival 10 Cinemas…



Be sure to check the return schedule before you leave! Don’t forget, regional day passes are only $5.00. Please carry exact change.