Transportation for SLO County

Service Information on June 1, 2014 Schedule Changes.

RTA has completed public meetings and process for the June 1, 2014 Schedule Change.  

See a FAQ at the bottom of this page. 

This Schedule will go into effect on June 1, 2014:




 DRAFT Route 9 Schedule: Updated 3/4/14 to go info effect June 1, 2014 - View larger copy

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UPDATED BACK Page is coming soon with newly proposed modified schedules. 


Frequently Asked Questions

 North County Service Changes

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1.      What does this mean for my trip?

2.      Will fares change – local  - regional

3.      Will my bus stops change?

4.      Will my bus in Paso be different?

5.      I ride Atascadero Transit – what will happen without it?

6.      I ride the local RTA #9 bus to/from Cal Poly – how will my trip be different?

7.      I ride Route C to/from Cuesta North Campus – how will my trip be different?

8.      I ride to/from North Monterey (North San Luis Obispo) – how will my trip be different?

9.      What about my bus operators on Paso Express and Atascadero Transit – will they move to RTA?

1. What does this mean for my trip?

This North County Consolidation plan is mostly about providing the same or better service to customers AND providing service less expensively in the region. There are few operational changes proposed.

a.       Paso Routes A & B will continue to operate with the SAME schedules as now (using the same buses).

b.      What is currently Paso Express Route C will be integrated into RTA Route #9.

c.       RTA Route #9 will include service to North Atascadero, Templeton Hospital in addition to the same service in South Atascadero. Route #9 will travel all the way to Cuesta College North Campus (Monday-Fridays only).

d.      RTA Route #9 LOCAL trips will only serve Cal Poly on some trips.  See the Route #9 Schedule. 

e.      Atascadero Transit FIXED ROUTE will be replaced with new RTA Route #9 service.

f.        Atascadero’s Saturday Traveler service will be replaced by regular RTA Saturday Route #9 service.

******SEE Service Map****

2. Will fares change?


* Youth will travel for LESS. Under RTA’s policies, YOUTH through age 18 are eligible for DISCOUNT fares on both cash fares and 31-day passes.   In addition, the Summer Youth Ride Free program will continue June 15-August 15, 2014.

* Fares for City Travel within Paso will be the same ($1.50 regular/ $0.75 discount).

* 31-day pass prices will go down.  RTA 31-Day Passes are $44.00 regular and $22.00 discount – already LOWER priced than Paso’s 31-day pass @ $45.00 regular and $22.50 discount.

* Paso Express $3/$1.50 discount Day Passes will no longer be available – only Regional Day Passes will be available ($5.00 regular – NO discount).

* Transfers – will continue to remain free on PASO EXPRESS (not on RTA)   

* More young children will be able to ride for free - Currently Paso Express allows kids 42” free. As of June 1st, kids 44” and under will ride free with paying adult.  (RTA will change its children policy to match this).

* Seniors 80+ will continue to RIDE FREE with VIP passes.


 * Fare reduction: RTA will add a new zone for Templeton, so that travel between Atascadero and Templeton and Paso Robles to Templeton will remain the same as it is now on Atascadero Transit ($1.50 regular/ $0.75 discount) and Paso Express.  Currently it’s a $2.00 zone on RTA.

* Fare Increase in cash fare between Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo from $2.50 to $3.00.  (Discount $1.50).

* RTA 31-Day Passes and Regional 31-Day Passes will continue to be available and valid for travel throughout the county.          

* RTA will change young children policy. Currently “kids five and under” ride free with adult and the policy will change to “youth 44 inches and under will ride free with paying adult”.  

* Seniors 80+ continue to RIDE FREE with VIP passes.     

Cash Fares by RTA Zone, to be effective June 1, 2014:


San Luis Obispo

Santa Margarita & Atascadero


Paso Robles

San Miguel

San Luis Obispo






Santa Margarita/Atascadero












Paso Robles






San Miguel







3.  Will my bus stops be changed?

Most stops will stay the same, with the exception of these areas:

g.       Paso Robles: New stops will be created in South Paso along Theatre Drive (RTA larger buses will not be able to pull into the Target parking lot).

h.      Templeton: A New stop at Templeton Hospital will be created.  Similarly, RTA buses will not be able to pull into Posada Lane. This stop will no longer be served. 

i.         Atascadero: Some stops are proposed to be changed:

o   The Home Depot stop along El Camino Real north of San Ramon Road is proposed to be eliminated.

o   Creation of new stop SB @ Santa Cruz  (proposed with the City, not yet approved).

o   A pair of stops will be eliminated  at Coco’s and Adobe Plaza.  (stops are nearby at Vons & Car Wash).

o   RTA will no longer pull into the Paloma Park parking lot.  The closest stops are at Bordeaux Apts.

4.  Will my bus in Paso look different?

a.       Paso Routes A & B will continue to operate with the SAME vehicles, SAME routes and same times with buses that will continue to have the Paso Express branding.

b.      The current Paso Express Route C will be integrated into RTA Route #9 and operate with an RTA 40’ bus. All Route C bus stop signage will be updated to show “RTA Route #9”.

5.  I live in Atascadero and Ride Atascadero Transit - What will happen without it?

a.       RTA will provide hourly service that covers Atascadero along El Camino Real.  Single bus service means that customers in North Atascadero will no longer have to transfer between RTA and Atascadero Transit to leave the area. For example, travel between Atascadero and the Target Shopping Center along Theatre Drive and Cuesta College North campus will be more convenient without a transfer. 

b.      For Customers traveling between Downtown Atascadero and Downtown Paso Robles already using route #9, the trip time will take a little longer.

c.       There will be no Saturday Traveler service after the consolidation – just new Route #9  RTA service with 5 trips per day.

d.      Currently there is no Sunday service on Atascadero Transit or Paso Express – starting June 1st, North Atascadero, Templeton Hospital and Target will have service via the new RTA Route #9 service.

6.  I ride the local bus to Cal Poly – how will my trips be different?

a.       RTA will no longer provide service to Cal Poly on local #9 trips (except as noted in the new modified option - 2 southbound trips in the morning, and some northbound trips in the afternoon/evening). 

b.      RTA express trips will remain serving Cal Poly on almost the same schedule as now. 

c.       If you use the local trips from areas that aren’t served by express trips, or at times that aren’t served by an express trip, you will have several options:

o   Walk from Grand (0.8-1 mile to campus)

o   Transfer to SLO Transit city bus schedules –frequent service to Cal Poly and free trips for students and staff.

§  SB – connect from RTA #9 at Monterey @ Grand to SLO Transit #5 bus from Mill @ Grand at :23 (RTA drops at :20)

§  NB – connect from SLO transit at the Government Center. 

o   During peak commute times, either later in 2014 or in 2015 RTA will provide additional commute and peak hour connection service to Cal Poly with new Congestion Mitigation funding that has been allocated for new express trips (we are waiting for a start of service date from Cal Trans).

7.  I ride the local bus to Cuesta North Campus– how will my trips be affected?

a.  Cuesta North Campus Students will continue to ride for Free (that includes RTA and Paso Express Routes).

b. If you already ride Paso route C, your trip will be unchanged, except that you’ll ride RTA Route #9. The schedule will be almost identical (within 5 minutes).

c. If you currently ride RTA #9 from Atascadero or another location in the county, you will no longer have to transfer buses at the Paso Transit Center. Just stay on Route #9 and continue all the way to Cuesta North Campus.

d. If you currently ride Atascadero transit and connect to Paso route C, you’ll now ride RTA Route #9 -
       no connections required.

8.  I ride the #9 local bus to/from North Monterey in San Luis Obispo (near the Peachtree Inn) – how will my trips be different?

a.       Southbound – No change. RTA local trips will continue to serve Monterey @ Grand (in front of the Holiday Inn Express) at approximately the same time. 

 b.      Northbound – RTA will no longer serve North Monterey (buses will enter the freeway immediately after departure from Government Center, at Osos Street Northbound 101 freeway onramp. **** Customers traveling northbound from north Monterey (Peachtree Hotel) will have to walk downtown, or catch the Southbound bus downtown to go northbound. 


9.  How will this affect my bus operators from Paso Express or Atascadero Transit?

RTA will be working to screen and hire Paso Express and Atascadero Transit bus operators to be part of the RTA team.  North County bus operators will have the opportunity for priority bids on Paso based routes for the first year.


For further information, please contact Tania Arnold: 805-781-4397, or Anna Mafort: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.